… and when that happens , you’ll get anything you want in life practically overnight! Because you’ll possess…

The Astonishing Short-Cut Secrets To Instantly Eliminating Self Doubt… Boosting Your Brain Power… And Possessing The Keys To Personal Wealth!

…finally revealed by the only “credentialed” brainwave entrainment engineer on the internet!


"Best I've Ever Seen!"

Quantum Mind Power (The Morry Method) is by far the best I have ever seen. It does everything they say and more because it has so many features that make the other "mind conditioning" programs obsolete. 
If you want overcome mental blocks to success, health and wealth and achieve MEASURABLE success – then this is the program for you. Get it today. You will be delighted with the results if you follow the simple instructions. It not only works, but it is a totally enjoyable experience. You can't ask for more than that!
Dr. Robert Anthony | Author – Educator

Here is a Revolutionary New Brainwave Entrainment Technology

It will help you...


From: Song Chengxiang
Re: You finally reaching your personal best


magine what it feels like if you can unlock the hidden genius inside you and boost your mental power to manifest anything you desire in your life AUTOMATICALLY?

Imagine what it would be like if you can take complete control on every aspect of your life...attracting the money that you always want...having a sexy and healthy body...enjoying a perfect loving relationship...

Wouldn't it be amazing if you can completely eliminate the negative 'voices' in your head that are holding you back from reaching your full potential?

Wouldn't it be amazing if I can place in your hands an innovative piece of new technology that can make all these happen quickly, easily and WITHOUT any effort on your part?

If you answered "Yes!", then you've found GOLD!

As you scan every word of this letter, you will begin to discover...

A New Empowering Way to Literally
Change Your Life Forever!

Just picture... 

Your brain is the seat of your intelligence and source of your emotions ... and so it controls your entire life. 

Everyone knows that any improvement you can make in the raw power, speed and efficiency of your mind, will empower you to capture wealth, health, happiness and everything you desire ... faster than you ever thought possible. 

Probably you’ve tried other self-improvement programs and products and you’re still at the same place you’ve always been—disappointed and frustrated. 

Well, this system that you are going to see is completely different! ...And it involves no learning nor prior experience at all.

Now, as you continue to read my words, you will discover that this system is not based on some ‘abracadabra-hocus-pocus’ method...

... but the results of 15 years proven scientific research and facts.

The discoveries that I’m about to share with you below can literally change your life… so turn off your phone... close the door so that you’ll not be disturbed as you read every word of this letter …

Yes! It’s that important. First of all, let me tell you ...

How My Life Has Completely Been
Changed On This Particular Day

Some call it fate—others call it luck.

But whatever it was, you can mark this date on your calendar as the beginning of your own personal change.

My name is Song Chengxiang. I know it’s hard to pronounce my last name—but that’s not important. What is important is…

You’re About To Get The Keys To The Kingdom! And that kingdom is the three pound mass of grey matter sitting between your ears.

What’s this all about? It’s about that fateful day I received this magical email…

…from Morry Zelcovitch.

He read one of my ebooks on manifestation, and he found it very helpful so he wanted to give me a thank you gift. It was a recording of the now trademarked "The Morry Method™" brainwave entrainment program.

Simply put: it was an amazing experience.

I just pressed play and almost instantly I experienced the effects of what brainwave entrainment can do.

After listening, I immediately wrote him. I explained my personal experience with his recording. His response to me was, “I’m not surprised—the science that supports brainwave entrainment has been known for over 40 years.”

That’s when it began for me—a journey of enlightening myself about the science behind brainwave entrainment predating the use of iron.

It’s this science, mixed with modern technology that can magically transform you into the exact person you desire to become: brilliant, wealthy, successful — whatever you desire.

Conquering your fears... ramping up your IQ… and finally manifesting your life’s dreams!

The best part is, you just lie down, listen and it happens all for you — magically you might say.

You might want to ask

Who is This Guy Called Morry Zelcovitch?

Well, I have been working with Morry since 2005, from my prsonal experience, I know he is one of the most guenuine person I have ever met.

He always want to help people, and whever you need support for anything, he is always there for you.

We usually conduct some conference calls for customers to help them solve their problems with regards to using our products. Our scheduled length of the calls is usually one and half hours, but he seldom stop after 3 or 4 hours just to answer ALL of the questions.

I and ALL of our customers know wholeheartedly Morry is a person who cares.

As for his professional backgroud, I'd better let him tell you firsthand.

(click the play button below Morry's picture or read his story below)


My name is Morry Zelcovitch. When I was a child, I had many problems. I heard thousands of voices in my head, and I had severe depression. I was always getting into trouble and was unbelievably accident prone.

I have dislocated my shoulders alone over 150 times. I won’t even get into the myriad of broken bones, shredded tendons and ligaments, concussions, etc.

Something inside me made me start looking into the brain wave entrainment field...

...And I began to observe that sometimes, time would seem to move faster and more pleasantly than at other times.

I eventually made the connection that when time seemed to move quicker, the sounds I was hearing were more rhythmic in nature. And when time seemed to painfully stand still, the surrounding sounds were far more disjointed in nature".

This experience was the beginning of a 15 year odyssey of deep study and research into the field of brainwave entrainment.

After many years of using other people’s products, with some limited success, I was determined to figure out why these recordings seemed to work only in a minor way, when all of the research I read suggested the effects should be more dominant than what I was experiencing.

I decided that my best route to understanding was learning at the feet of an expert in the field. So I contacted the world's foremost expert in the field of brainwave entrainment, David Siever C.E.T. and discovered some invaluable secrets that I just could not get anywhere else.

After several years of learning from David Siever I’m now one of the few in the world who actually can claim to be a "certified Brainwave Entrainment Engineer/Specialist" and have the education to back it up!


Now I’ve conquered those extra voices in my head and severe depression. It's become my mission in life to help others improve their quality of life without the use of dangerous and habit-forming drugs.


Thank you Morry for your story …

And because of the dramatic results that I’ve personally received from Morry’s system, my mission is to bring this incredible tool to everyone who will listen to me.

Now let me explain how this works …

How A Scientifically Proven New Technology Can Reduce Your Stress, Boost Your Creativity And Unleash The Hidden Powers Of Your Mind

The further on you read, you will begin to understand that this is all based on REAL science. Allow me to explain… welcome to science class.

Your brain is made of approximately 100-billion nerve cells, called neurons. Neurons have the ability to gather and transmit electrochemical signals.

Think of your brain as a "super computer."

This "super computer" is able to communicate with the rest of your body by transmitting electrical signals using chemicals called neurotransmitters. If these chemicals or neurotransmitters are out of balance, it can lead to many problems. 

For a long time scientists have been measuring the electrical current from the surface of the brain using EEG (Electroencephalography) technology. The EEG measures these electrical discharges and records them as brainwave patterns.

Your State of Mind is Directly Determined By Your Brainwave Patterns

Now these brain wave patterns can be placed into groups according to the frequency range which is directly related to the state of mind of the person. These are …

Beta (13 Hz - 30 Hz) is the state of normal, wakeful consciousness. As you are working, driving, talking, etc., you are usually in Beta. High beta activity is sometimes associated with anxiety, panic and stress.

Alpha (8 Hz - 12 Hz) is a state of light relaxation. Typified by a calm, focused mind. Alpha is sometimes called the "super learning state" because the brain seems to be more receptive and open to new information. Most people who meditate, do so in alpha.

Theta (4 Hz - 7 Hz) is a state of deep relaxation. Dreams and deep meditation are often associated with theta.

Delta (0.5 Hz - 3 Hz) the slowest of the brainwave patterns, can be a state of deep sleep, or trance-like consciousness. Maintaining awareness in delta has been known to open a path to the unconscious.

* The areas "in-between" the different brainwave states are called "borders". They represent the transition stage between the different brainwave states.

In the course of an average day, most of us spend some amount of time in all of these brain states.

Soon scientists were asking themselves...

“What if We Could Train the Brain to Go Into These Different States At will?” 

In other words, what if you could find a way to induce your brain into, let's say, any state of consciousness you want?

The Answer? ... Brain Wave Entrainment

“Entrainment” is a term from physics. It means "the tendency for two vibrating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony".

For example, one tuning fork when struck and placed next to another tuning fork will cause the second one to vibrate at the same rate.

This was first observed by Dutch scientist, Christian Huygens, in 1665 while he was working on the design of the pendulum clock.

He found that when he placed two of the clocks on a wall near each other and swung the pendulums at different rates, they would eventually end up swinging at the same rate.

Now what if this same phenomenon could be repeated in training the brain to lock into the vibrations of an outside stimulus?

Well, several well documented scientific studies have shown that this is in fact possible.

For centuries people have been using outside rhythmic stimulus in the form of drumbeats, chants and singing to induce various feelings, ranging from euphoria to sadness.

Change Your World By Changing
Your Brainwave Patterns

One of the easiest pathways for applying a stimulus to the brain is through the ears.

Such a route involves presenting the ears with a steady and accurate pulsed/beat pattern. This pattern of sound works naturally with the brain and can produce amazing effects.

The tendency of the brain to tune in to and match the external stimulus' frequency is referred to as the "frequency following response".

To make it easier for the brain, it is important to start with a frequency close to the state that you are in and then gradually change this frequency to the desired state.

As your brain continues to increase its exposure to the external stimulus, the "frequency following response" becomes ever more responsible for a totally natural and fantastic change…

The brain is pushed to create new neural pathways, changing patterns of perception and information transfer in the brain, thereby creating new ways of experiencing yourself and your world.

This process is called Brainwave Entrainment, and...

You Don’t Have To Spend 15 years
In A West-China Monastery To Achieve It!

The same process occurs in traditional meditation, which creates similar brainwave patterns through a process of focusing, whether on a mantra, the breath, a prayer, or some other point of focus.

However, with traditional methods, you will take 15 or more years of practicing for 10 or more hours a day, to get to the levels you may achieve with brainwave entrainment almost immediately.

Until now,

Only a Handful of People Have Even Known About the REAL Science Behind Brainwave Entrainment

And even fewer have truly understood it.


Because of two simple reasons:

#1 Until recently, in order to program the necessary sounds into a machine it costs thousands! But within the last few years, the cost of producing the exact rhythms necessary to produce the massive transformation in your brainwaves has dropped dramatically.

#2 Because, like all new ideas or truths it goes through three stages to establishment: first, its disbelieved, next, its mocked, finally, its accepted as valid—and that’s when the text books change.

Just imagine living in early Europe when many thought the planet was flat as a pancake. Imagine hearing for the first time about the idea of us living on a big ball. Laughter, disbelief and pity on the fool who thought such a crazy thing would have been the norm.

Now look at us. Who would get laughed at now? The pancake professors no doubt. But this is where you are today. You have a chance to be effortlessly transformed into the person you dream of becoming.

The best part is… it won’t take you 15 years to achieve it!

And there’s endless science to back up the brainwave entrainment technology. But I must warn you in advance…

Not Every Brainwave Entrainment Program Actually Works!

I hate to say this, but there are snake oil salesmen in this industry. Yes there are some good ones—but of course there are bad apples too.

People who don’t know the first thing about brainwave entrainment—but know how to scam you—have now flooded the market with bogus programs.

Here’s Why “Regular” Brainwave Entrainment Programs Should be Avoided at All Costs...

This may upset a lot of people, but it has to be said.

After trying many of the 'binaural and other brainwave entrainment products' available today, Morry determined that the majority of them just don't work!

Now listen to me

Morry has the professional background to evaluate these products by analyzing the frequencies of the sounds on these recordings. And you know what? The claims that are made just do not add up.

Many times the frequencies advertised as being on the sound tracks are clearly absent from the products.

Often the frequencies that are present are not stable and fluctuate throughout. There is no way around this… The brain needs 6 minutes of exposure to a steady and accurate pulse or beat in order to entrain and thus give you the benefits.

Now the typical buyer for these products will not have the professional equipment to analyze these audios. So they know that there is no way for you to find out that their products are bogus.

So what of all the “testimonials” you read on these websites?

A lot of these people are just getting marginal results or simply the placebo effect—they want the results so badly that their brain ‘fools’ them into believing that they are really getting the results... They are not!

After trying many of these products, Morry went so far as to contact the owners and they could not answer any of his questions to his satisfaction… go figure.

Now, let's go deeper into the scientific aspect of the brainwave entrainment technology. Most of the popular brainwave entrainment programs use something called Binaural Beats, let's look at what this thing is...

Exposed: Why Binaural Beats Won’t Take You to the Top

Many brainwave entrainment “gurus” today, tout the idea that all you need is some basic binaural beats, a little entrainment time and… bam! You’re transformed into your dreams.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s why:

(This image represents a stereo display of 1 second, at a frequency of 10hz.)

If you take a close look at the “binaural beats” pattern, you’ll see that there is a very small difference between the height of the "peaks" and depth of the "valleys" in the wave pattern.

That’s where the problem is.

Now get this: It’s mainly the range of the peaks and valleys that determines how strong the CER (cortical evoked response—the brains reaction to the stimulus and level of brainwave entrainment) will be.

So what people are declaring as a breakthrough in brainwave entrainment is in fact just a brainwave placebo—it’s nothing but a sugar pill!

But there are proven brainwave entrainment stimuli and methods of application that, in fact do create the exact catalyst you need.

Why Monaural & Isochronic Tones Will Boost Your Brain Power… And Unlock The Vault Door Of Your Mind!

Here are a couple of images of both tones:

(These images represent a stereo display of 1 second, at a frequency of 10hz.)

Take a look at the arrows now—on both the isochronic and monaural tones. See a difference? Look at the depth of range between the peaks and the valleys. This range is exactly what you need to produce the necessary brainwaves to reach the summit in your life!

Look at the first binaural image, and then look at these two images above, it’s like the difference between riding in a boat on choppy waters compared to riding in a boat through six-foot waves!

That's why we use Isochronic and Monaural tones. They are far more effective for brain wave entrainment than the binaural beats and other stimulation types used by our competitors.

…so where does this leave you?

Can you weed out the bogus programs on the internet?

Will you still be able to get the benefits of properly engineered brainwave entrainment?

Will you still be able to reach the mountaintop in your own life?

Yes! You Can Still Reach
The Pinnacle Of Success
In Your Life


The Morry Method ™
The Breakthrough Approach to Brainwave Entrainment!
Personally engineered by Morry Zelcovitch

This is where it gets good and where your success can be guaranteed.

"The Morry Method ™", personally engineered by Morry Zelcovitch, uses a proprietary protocol developed for presenting various stimuli to the brain and mind.

The end result of this method is much "softer" on the brain/body system and offers a more natural incorporation of the "brain beats" (with their associated benefits) as well as any presented information (i.e. meditations, hypnosis, affirmations, etc.).

"The Morry Method ™" Proprietary Secret #1: The Tones/Beats…

The main entrainment frequencies are presented in a professionally mastered environment which does not allow for errors.

Each time you hear a click or pop on a recording it is actually interfering with the entrainment process.

You need at least 6 full minutes at any desired frequency to allow the brain to entrain to it (This is called the frequency following response). Any unwanted sounds that occur during presentation of the main tone actually get in the way of the entrainment process.

This holds true for all background "noises" or "soundscapes" or "music" that many others brainwave entrainment systems have placed in their recordings.

It's like listening to a person speak… When there is only one person talking you have no problem understanding, or at least hearing them. As you add people talking to the equation, it becomes harder and harder to understand what the original person is saying.

It's the same thing with brainwave entrainment. Too many frequencies equal more signals getting in the way of, and disrupting the brainwave entrainment process.

Therefore the accuracy of the frequencies is critical.

An unprofessionally developed brainwave entrainment program with inaccurate frequencies is just a waste of your time, and some may do you more harm than good.

"The Morry Method ™" Proprietary Secret #2: The Background…

Our background is a relative of "pink noise".

It's actually a combination of specific frequencies that when combined produce a uniform (steady and consistent) background that effectively cancels out much of the distracting noise that may be present when "running a session".

It is also designed to help ease the entrainment process, not work against it.

"The Morry Method ™" Proprietary Secret #3: The Spoken Word…

The "spoken word" aspects of "The Morry Method ™" recordings undergo a unique process that helps to make them a very effective part our system…

The "spoken word" is put through special analysis in order to confirm its quality.

A specially designed algorithm is then applied to the "spoken word" with specific effects added.

There are long "pauses" in the "spoken word" aspect of some of these recordings to allow you to reflect, imagine and internalize a new way of being and thinking.

When this is combined with the brainwave entrainment aspect, and the "spoken word" resumes, a "startle effect" may occur (somewhat like someone talking in your ear suddenly when you are half asleep)

To counteract this we have inserted what we call "anti-startle tones" just before each spoken word aspect resumes so that you are not startled. (This is a low tone, sometimes called a "drone" that begins quietly and softly then ends at a similar volume level to that of the spoken word itself).

"The Morry Method ™" Proprietary Secret #4: The Bottom Line is …

The "tones", "backgrounds" and "spoken word" aspects are mixed together to ensure a harmonic balance of sound, science and technology.

A combination that will give you the maximum effects possible.

Now that you have understood what makes "The Morry Method ™" Proprietary different from other brainwave entrainment technology that you have heard about all over the internet, and how and why it works much better and more effective, let me introduce you...

The First In The World REAL Brainwave Entrainment System Developed With The Only Science-Based Properly-Engineered Brainwave Entrainment Technology "The Morry Method ™" Proprietary...


Quantum Mind Power With The Morry Method ™ System

A Complete Self-Improvement System Designed To Help You Help YourSelf


Quantum Mind Power With The Morry Method ™ System—Neural Synergy


You get 12 different versions of this recording, including 6 isochronic versions and 6 monaural versions. All may be downloaded from our website.

Each are engineered to bring your mind into a specific level of Theta which is specifically designed to help you to re-organize your brain to a higher level … allowing you to process more complicated tasks easier than before.

Why 12 unique recordings? Let me explain:

You’re just too unique of a person to give you a “cookie-cutter” approach to brainwave entrainment. In order for you to reach peak performance, you’ll need the exact frequency just for you.

This is where it gets even better. Because each of the 12 recordings are slightly different,  you’ll be able to find the one recording that’s just right for you.

How will you do it? Simple: listen to the different recordings, you’ll generally find one that’s more agreeable to you—it will resonate with you. That’s your perfect recording.

The result: a more intelligent, problem solving you!  You’ll discover a “new-found” ability to think more clearly… solve more problems… and a sense of self-assurance you’ve never experienced before!

This recording helps to rebalance the sodium and potassium ratio in your brain. It’s when this delicate balance is thrown off that you suffer from what’s commonly called “mental fatigue”.

This recording will rebalance these elements and give you the strength and stamina to see your success through to the end—without feeling exhausted in the process!

It will also help to…

This section of the Quantum Mind Power System, if sold separately, would retail for $197—and it’s well worth it—just 50 cents a day to a more intelligent you.  

Quantum Mind Power With The Morry Method ™ System - Eden Energy Wave Dynamics


Here’s a fact most don’t know:

95% of the books on self-help and business that are bought, only the first chapter is read.

What does this mean?

It means the majority of the population who want to improve themselves have a serious problem with following through to the end of a project or a goal.

Statistically speaking, you probably do too. The solution? Eden Energy Wave Dynamics!

It’s this knowledge that was in mind when Morry engineered this part of the program. It’s designed to give you the motivation and energy you need to carry out your goals to the end!

And you'll also get 12 differnet versions of this recording, 6 with isochronic tones and 6 with monaural tones. All can be downloaded from our website. Just listen, pick the one that resonates with you… and off you go!

This recording, if sold separately would retail at $197.

Quantum Mind Power With The Morry Method ™ System - Whole Brain Gratitude Meditation


It doesn’t matter if you watched “The Secret DVD’s” … or… If you’ve read any of Napoleon Hill’s work, you probably know that gratitude is critical to your success… and your peace of mind.

Many millionaires aren’t happy—yet there are millions of people who seemingly have nothing that are content. What’s the difference?

“A Gratitude Attitude”

It’s this attitude you need to master, to bring lasting peace and mental security to your life. There’s just one problem, most can’t hold this mental state and the necessary focus to achieve it as a lasting habit pattern.

Well now you can!

This part of The Quantum Mind Power System was designed for you to achieve just that. The tones focus your mind to the perfect state—perfect for inducing the right mental attitude for gratitude.

Plus, there’s a soft recording in the background of Morry’s voice reminding you of all the things you need to be grateful for. This is paramount to your success.

(Retailed at $147 if sold separately)

Just lay back, relax and let this recording do all the work for you!

 Quantum Mind Power With The Morry Method ™ System - Emotive Brain Wave Hypnosis


Here’s an amazing fact most people don’t know anything about:

75% of you mind is subconscious—25% is conscious.

How does this affect your present life and success? Let me explain:

In order for you to master any emotional state, or eliminate negative thinking patterns—the patterns that hold you back from your success—you need to “reprogram” your subconscious mind.

It can be done—but it’s not easy… at least by yourself. What you need to do is apply a constant bombardment of new ideas (brainwaves) to eliminate and replace these old repeating negative patterns.

This is where it gets difficult. It’s known that autosuggestion is effective for adding new “healthy” thought patterns… and eliminating old negative though patterns—but few people have the self-discipline to accomplish this process for any length of time.

Social scientists know it takes 21 days to form new habits and break old ones. It’s this minimum amount of time you’d need to meditate and envision these new emotional states in order for any permanent changes to occur.

But you don’t have to worry about this “hard work” anymore! Now you can lay back, put on your Emotive Brain Wave Hypnosis recording and Morry’s programming does it all for you!

Finally, you’ll master all those “negative” emotions that have been holding you back in life—quickly and effortlessly.

This is yet another component of the Quantum Mind Power System, that if sold separately, would retail at $147.

Are you beginning to see how powerful this program is? But it doesn’t end here. You’re also going to get…

2 More Bonuses—
Totaling $194 In Value

Extra Value Bonus #1—
Subliminal Wealth and Prosperity Support Program
($97 value)


There are two major thought processes keeping you back from achieving financial success. It’s not your fault—you were just programmed by society to believe them.

The first is, a negative association with rich people. Here’s what I mean:

Some wealth building experts say you need to remember the conversations you heard from the top of the stairs. What does this mean?

What conversation did you hear about money when listening to your parents from the top of the stairs? Was it a conversation about the abundance the Universe holds for you? Or, was it a conversation about the money strain there was on your household back then?

Did your parents ever say, “Money doesn’t grow on trees?” or, “Do I look like Rockefeller or something” when you were asking for a couple of dollars?

Whatever your parents said when you were listening from the top of the stairs… or when asking for movie money—it’s all programming. And now, you have to reprogram yourself to eliminate all of that past programming.

But now it’s simple. TheSubliminal Wealth and Prosperity Support program is designed to eliminate all negative wealth thought processes… and program new wealth promoting thought patterns.

And it’s yours FREE when you invest in the breakthrough Quantum Mind Power System today.

Extra Value Bonus #2
Subliminal Health Support Program
(A $97 Value)


Breakthroughs in medicine and psychology have now determined, most sickness starts in your mind!

You could be making yourself sick, by the way you think!

The same way you’ve been programmed to think about wealth, could be the same way you think about health. Plus, whenever you repeat ideas in your mind, you’re programming yourself. It’s just that simple.

So if you think negatively about your health… or find yourself repeating things like, “I feel sick… or … I don’t feel so good,” you’re actually transforming yourself into the very condition you “don’t” want to be in.

How do you turn this around?

You’ll find the answer in this specially engineered recording “Subliminal Health Support Program”. Listening to this program will assist in the process of turning your negative, health destroying thoughts into thought patterns that can produce homeostasis (complete body balancing—in other words, free from disease).

At Last! You Can Open The Gateway To Wealth, Health, Success And A More Confident You ......
Just By Listenin'!

I cannot over emphasize the fact that 99% of the Brainwave Entrainment products you'll find on the market today use less effective technology and have little if any, scientific bases. 

The Qunatum Mind Power with The Morry Method ™ system uses a proprietary methodology based on Isochronic and Monaural tones that is much more effective and faster acting. So just take the results you may have read about, that some people are getting from binaural beats and multiply that many times to get an idea of what I'm talking about here.

What are the immediate benefits that you can expect to get from the Quantum Mind Power with The Morry Method ™ system?

This may just be the breakthrough that you’ve been searching for to finally rid yourself of bad habits and destructive thought patterns,  boost your brain power and finally discover your true potential and greatness.

This is what Quantum Mind Power with The Morry Method™ System does for you. As it’s done for thousands already.

Here’s an idea of the type of results you’ll get when you too begin to experience scientifically engineered “real” brainwave entrainment:

"I have been able to reduce the amount of medication required three different times"

I am 62 years young and up until 25 years ago have lived a hard life of alcoholism and drug addiction that resulted in medical ailments such as a "shrinking" kidney and hypertension, to name just two. I have been taking medication for a tachycardic arrythmia and my hpertension. The medications slow me down and produce a very low energy level and a lowered mood resulting in dysthymia. As a result I have had a daily struggle balancing my medications, productivity, energy levels, mood levels, blood pressure and heart rate.

Since using Quantum Mind Power I have seen my blood pressure reading continually drop to the degree that I have been able to reduce the amount of medication required three different times (of course in coordination with my family physician's direction). I would not believe it if I did not experience this myself.

But as a result of QMP I now work longer and more productively, enjoy life more, and have fewer side effects from meds. My physician is considering taking me off the anti-depressant that was being used to counteract the antihypertensive's side effects. With little medication my BP readings are well into low-normal ranges and I feel better in every way than I have for about 22 years. I have also experienced no tachycardic attacks. I know this is long but I did want to convey this message to you and others. Maybe these are not typical results. Maybe they are? An anecdotal story of one does not make for good data but I wanted to offer hope to others.

Thanks for your products and for the continued support that is available.

Ken Dickinson, Nottingham, Pa

Click Here To Order Now

"I truly think that medical authorities should wake up to this form of treatment"

We have a son of 24 years of age, who only has a mental age of a 7 year old. This is the way he has been since birth. We have been to the top experts in this disorder, have had numerous brain scans done but all they told us it’s a genetic disorder.

That’s the way it will be for him till I bumped onto your system and thought I give it a try for my son. The cost of your program was naught to thousands we had given to the experts. I just want to say after just 3 days that my son listened to the Eden Energy Wave Dynamics, he said to me dad can you help me read this book that he was holding in hand, this just brought tears to me and my wife eyes.

So much so he has completely transformed, in the manner he is more happy, cooperative, and can keep up with conversations with his brothers also we note he has started to make decisions. None of this he could ever do before. I don’t know what mysteries your system contains but it works!! Please keep up this good work and I truly think that medical authorities should wake up to this form of treatment, for people like my son. Once again Thank You! And God Bless.

M Butt London UK

"I've gotten back 80% of what I lost"

I have been using Quantum Mind Power recordings for about a month now. What I notice most is that my memory has so improved. I have gone through menopause and with it my memory really suffered. It made me uncomfortable. My vocabulary seemed to be out of reach for at least the last six years. I would go to say something and couldn't access the right word.

Well that's close to non-existent now. What a difference using this program has made. I'd say I've gotten back 80% of what I lost and I fully expect to get back the rest and honestly to far exceed what I had in the first place. This program is a must for people as they start to age. I can't recommend it enough.

Shirley Carrick 

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"My Enthusiasm and Motivation Skyrocket"

I have been listening to the "Quantum Mind Power" lately and have found myself in a state that is unusually different (in a very positive way). I am experiencing much less stress from all the workloads I've been handling. I also feel my enthusiasm and motivation skyrocket to a whole new exciting level.

I have never felt this sense of happiness and excitement in my life before. This is a strange feeling, and I like it a lot!
Michael Lee

“A Powerful Program”

This is a powerful program you've created, in fact you've raised the bar by - for the first time I've seen - giving people the exact recordings that tailor-fit them, rather than one-size-fits-all. That's a major improvement because we're all unique. I also love your the prosperity bonus and the Schummann's Resonance.
Dan Klatt

“They're Amazing!”

I just listened to the first BWE recording and I felt a pleasurable tingling sensation around my eyes and a lightness all over. Being a reiki practitioner, I know how it feels for the brain to reach the meditation state and these recordings definitely bring that on quickly.

It's very interesting how there are different sounds for different types of benefits... I can't wait to see the long term effect of using Quantum-Mind-Power products. Thanks Song! They're amazing!

Kind regards,
Eva Browne-Paterson

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"I Instantly Feel a Positive Energy In My Body "

WOW! I am very excited and I don't have words to express my feelings. "Quantum Mind Power" is exactly what I have been looking for.

I was a little bit depressed because I achieved only 60% of my June month goal till 28th. Even I couldn't concentrate on my work because of it. I used "Eden Energy Wave Dynamics Isochronic 6" for two days (29th and 30th) and I instantly feel a positive energy in my body. In just 2 days I become more energetic, joyful and you'll surprise to know "I achieve my goal for June month too". Truly Amazing.
Raamakant S.

"I Was Out Like a Light Bulb"

I have had sleep problems since I was 17, and I have never been able to fall asleep immediately, and if and only if I do sleep, I still never get the rest I wanted.

After listening to your program for the second time, I was out like a light bulb, as if almost by command.

Also as a side note, I let my youngest son listen to your program, during his examinations and low and behold, he got his first A, EVER. He was always the grade average of C+!

Just incase you wondering he is in grade 12 so you can imagine the effect this program has had on him.

Regards and go well,
Kaashif Karriem

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"Gloominess Is Being Lifted"

I wanted to say that for the first time, the gloominess is beginning to lift for no obvious reason. I'm beginning to feel less hopeless and like there may be possibilities for a happy future after all.

Morry, I just had to tell you about the profound change that I'm experiencing. I can almost feel a "mental massage" every time I listen to the "Eden Engergy Wave Dynamics" CD's. I feel an immediate sense of well being and positive anticipation of life every time my 30 min. sessions are over.

Thanks, Morry!


"I'm hooked! And look forward to every session"

I have to admit, when I first found the QMP website and read it in its entirety I was a bit skeptical. I read and re-read the page, no less than 10 times. As skeptical as I was I couldn't deny that something was happening.

I'm hooked! And look forward to every session.

Thank You Morry!! Thank You!!
Art Luff

"A Big Thank You"

I have bee using QMP now for three weeks, and am thrilled with the results so far.  So a big thank you, and I look forward to more results!  Oh, and in the very first week of using the program, I got a job offer for a great job too!
Donna, Northamptonshire, UK

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"I Am A Different Person Now"

I have been using your technology since it was first released and the results have been life changing in a major way. I am a different person now because I think with greater clarity and problem solving flows easily compared to the time BEFORE starting to use the Morry Method. It has only been a few months yet it seems like a year because of the strides I have made. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  
Jim Reboudo

"Wealth & Prosperity…Finally"

Soon after starting with neural synergy, I found a nice money spell online. Something very easy and so I started with that. This gave me immense happiness and led me further to the prosperity game ( which I had never heard of before). I then started playing this game (still do so each day). I then attracted money to the tune of $2250 (converted to my currency it is a big amount) within a 3-4 days.
Best wishes,

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"My Productivity Has Tripled"

I've all sorts of problems, ADD, OCD, and Chronic Fatigue, but this cd is helping me loads. I notice that whenever I'm down and do a session with Eden then boom I'm back in a more upbeat mood, or even in a TOTALLY different place. And it also reduces the awful mind nonsense I have to deal with, having ADD and OCD symptoms. I'm also getting WAY more done during the day, my productivity is easily TRIPLED.

"I'm having amazing results!"

I'm attracting money, my awareness is becoming razor sharp and it keeps getting better and better each day. I listen mostly to The subliminal health and wealth tracks. I play the meditations for my 7-year-old as well.


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Morry, I can´t find the precise words to thank you

I’ve been using TMM for 3 months+ now and I can only say thanks. It´s been quite a journey, though. I feel calmer, more at peace with myself and the world –people around say so, too– and my self-esteem is going up… I didn´t even know it was that low!

Wish you the best. God bless your generosity. A big hug.

"Measurable Changes In My General Mood And Well-Being"

I take my hat off to you Morry. You have produced a wonderful product in which I hold the utmost confidence, and I am certain it will continue to create even more positive and powerful changes in my life.


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Finally, Your Personal Success Is In Sight!

Imagine what it would feel like when you experience results just like these. The people you’ve just read about are no different than you. They too once read this same page… and now they experience these personal breakthroughs in their life. 

Once you begin this short journey to your personal best, your friends and family will comment about the “difference” they see in you. You’ll hear, “I just can’t pinpoint it—but there’s something different. Whatever you’re doing, keep it up. It seems to work. In fact, just what are you doing?”

… then you’ll be able to tell them, your secret weapon has been properly engineered brainwave entrainment. 

They’ll see you as their real friend. Why? Because you’re sharing your insider secrets to success. 

This is an amazing system. It’s engineered by one of the few in the world who really know what they’re doing. It’s proven to work—with valid science backing it up.

You've Got Nothing To Lose And All The Success You Desire To Gain!

You’re intelligent enough to know that what you’ve been presented today is good—and good for you. 

Little by little, you saw just how you too can gain immensely from the Quantum Mind Power with The Morry Method™ System.

Yes it’s true, the people who’ve already invested in this program are getting great returns. The best part is: so can you. 

You’ve seen with your own eyes, the effects of getting subpar brainwave entrainment programs that promise the world but actually leave you wanting. 

You’ve witnessed the exact type of brainwave entrainment program you must use to produce any real effects on your brainwaves—and you already know The Morry Method™ is engineered by the only credentialed audio brainwave entrainment expert on the planet. 

And you’ve seen and heard the success stories that others, just like you, have experienced from using the Quantum Mind Power with The Morry Method™ System.

If that's still not enough, let me show you...

More PROOFS...

See Real Life Stories from our Customer Support Forums

"I'm ashamed I was wrong"

by DebbieR

I had a proven moment the other day to the power of the Quantum Mind Power.

I had alot of things to accomplish and couldn't be in two places at one time, I asked my daughter to help me out by going to the store for me. I gave her the list and made a check out to the store. She got home with everything on the list, but some of the items were the wrong amounts or the wrong brand, and she had gone to a different store than the check was made out to. The store had taken the check without noticing. She had just created another problem for me to solve.

I was getting after her when my other daughter stepped in and told me,"Mom, in all fareness she did the best she could", and to my other daughter she said," If you would pay attention to the name on the store you would have gone to the right place."

Now I was angry at both of them. I quietly didn't say a word, I went into my office and listened to the Whole Brain Gratitude Meditation CD, and in the first 10 min. my whole feelings and outlook on the matter was corrected. I asked my daughter to come into the office with me, I appoligized and thanked her for helping me in a time of need. I realized that everything she had gotten from the store was just fine and could be used.

I had to change MY way of looking at things, and the CD did that for me in 10 min. My daughter wanted to listen to the whole CD. It helped me to see that all is well, I am grateful for all the people in my life who are so willing to help me. Her intentions were to help, not make things harder.

I'm grateful to say the rest of the evening went along with love, gratetude and joy. Thank You so much Morry.

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"Six months with QMP results"

by Albin

I will try to sum up my experience and the results I am getting after I started with QMP in August 2009:

1. I quit smoking and it happened naturally, I didn't get any headaches or any other side effects as a result of quitting to smoke. Any time when I tried to quit before, I usually ended up suffering, having bad sleep, headaches, and as a result, had to start smoking again. This time it went so smoothly that I was really surprised - I even didn't have any desire to try again.

2. Energy boost - Let alone the fact that I feel energized and overwhelmed with positive energy every time after I use QMP, I noticed the difference between my first year and second year of work at my work place.

Last year I was really exhausted every day after my work and could hardly make it to Friday to get some rest but this year it just feels as if I changed my job - I don't feel tired at all.

When I just noticed it I tried to analyze my last year and this year's workload and to my surprise I realized that my workload increased this year! I can still feel tired once in a while (well, who doesn't?:-)) due to my long hours and 5 hours' sleep, but, and this is what I love about QMP which is...

3. ..whenever I wake up in the morning and still feel tired, my tiredness is gone after 30 min. of Synergy or Edem listening, and I feel so refreshed as if I had a long time rest.

My usual listening schedule is Morning - Synergy or Edem, Afternoon - Gratitude or Emotive, Evening - Alpha (I don't know why but Alpha works better for me than Good Night Sleep Well). Sometimes I miss my afternoon sessions due to my workload and if I do, then sometimes I can feel tired next morning,(only sometimes, and it's due to my long hours and 5 hours' sleep) but I don't remember feeling tired the next day when I follow my schedule properly!

4. My memory has improved a lot to compare with the last year! My job requires memorizing a lot of details and there is no chance to remember them if I don't write them down.

Last year I made many mistakes in my job because of this although this year I noticed a significant improvement - I can remember anything I need if I focus on this intention and when the deadline comes up, it just pops up in my memory.

5. I noticed it's easier for me to achieve my goals and to stick to them (sticking to my goals was the hardest part for me before). What I do is write my goals down. In the evening I write down my goals for tomorrow, kind of to-do-list, and in the morning I write down my mega goals, the goals I intend to achieve within a certain period of time, let's say half a year, a year, etc. So I write down the same mega goals every morning and focusing on them during my QMP sessions.

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"Almost 2 month update... Life changing. "

by NubianPrincess718

About 3 weeks ago, I started working as a volunteer at this school teaching dance (my passion) at this at-risk high school after school program.

I have been avoiding roles of leadership ALL of my life. Fear and self doubt had taken over my life dramatically in different areas. I am so glad to say that I am HAPPY. I am not only stepping outside of my comfort zone, I am a mentor for these kids. I have found my voice where it normally would silence itself in front of large groups of people. I am gaining self confidence in so many ways. At first I was terrified, but that little voice inside has become more and more quiet.

This program and this new role is changing my life! I just want to THANK Morry for creating such a WONDERFUL program. I am literally crying as I type this because that little voice was stunting my personal growth. I had been a slave to it. While there are still kinks that need to be worked out (and they will be), I would say that I am overall extremely pleased with the program.

Thank you so much Morry and I don't even know how to repay you! You have literally saved my life. There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. Just walking toward it in faith.

PS. The job has now offered to pay me as of Thursday :D :D :D

"When the market closed that day I made 4200 dollars effortlessly"


What distinguishes the Quantum Mind Power program from all the rest is that it is effortless. All the other programs out there start off good but like any placebo they soon wear out. This program just HAPPENS to you. Listen to it, enjoy it, relax with it and then it happens.

I was sitting at my computer trading stocks as I always do. One particular day the market was very volatile. Usually the adrenaline starts pumping and sometimes your emotions make trades, a very bad thing to do. This day it seemed the more chaotic it got, the calmer more focused I became. I am talking like a Laser Focus. This powerful state of mind had me being patient, being disciplined and also when to stay on the sidelines. When the market closed that day I made 4200 dollars effortlessly.

Does that happen everyday, no but this a heck of a tool. Just like my charts and news feeds I use this program, it has taken my trading to new heights and is a must before starting any trading day. Brilliant program that requires you to listen, hats it!!! Morry has a Home Run with this product .This type of brain entrainment is a technology that everyone will be required to learn one day as it is so effective. Get a head start now!!!

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"I have been able to maintain a normo-tensive reading in spite of now taking less than 1/2 the medication I was taking"

by ken

I started routinely listening to various brainwave entrainment CD's in October 2007. I noticed some improvement in focus and I felt calmer.

I didn't start with Quantum Mind Power (QMP) until March 2008. I have high blood pressure due to my life style in the 60's and 70's, addiction. After a few weeks of using the QMP I noticed my blood pressure was low and after consulting with my physician I lowered my medications. Since then my BP has continued to decrease and I have been able to maintain a normo-tensive reading in spite of now taking less than 1/2 the medication I was taking. I consulted with my physician and he agrees that it must be the QMP since that is the only variable that changed.

This only happened when I started with your products. Other  similar product did not produce this result. They made me feel relaxed and assisted to acheive some very enjoyable meditation sessions. But QMP has helped me physically as described above and has helped me with my daily work performance. Taking lower doses of my medications for my BP has resulted in improved energy, stamina and mental clarity.

I also notice that my insight and creativity in my professional performance has improved. Whether this is due to the QMP, or decreased meds or something else I am not sure. But I choose to believe that none of this improvement in my quality of life would be happening if not for the "restructuring and/or rebalancing" of my brain provided by QMP.

I beleive that this safe method of altering our brain waves is an excellent way to heal and positively influence our brains. I am an advocate, educator and psychopharmacologist who works with many persons recovering or attempting to recover from substance abuse/dependence and/or mental illness. It is my plan to advocate for and educate many regarding this method of improving their brain health and enhancing their potential to recover.

What a wonderful alternative to medication assisted`therapy and the side effects associated with the medications. And anyone who can hear can do it it requires no skills. A safe method that assists persons in engaging in their own recovery by improving their cognitive and affective health.

Morry, it was especially good talking with you and you are the real thing. You are not some internet marketing self proclaimed expert, "guru" such as I usually encounter. But a sincere integrous individual who cares about others! When you say "I am here for you" you mean it".


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"Quantum Mind Power helped me get over many addictive character traits and urges"

by Yoni

I must say I am truly grateful for such an amazing Brainwave Entrainment program, something that you could only dream or imagine for and actually works.

Quantum Mind Power helped me get over many addictive character traits and urges, I do not rely on the same things I used to before- I do not know how? but I just don't even think about the same things I once relied on ;) .

It seems like a dream- but one day you will wake up and someone will point it out to you, it happened to me. I really like the brainwave entrainment, it helps me get into deep meditative states in which I was never able to get into prior to using QMP. I only look forward to attracting everything I desire in life.....

"I slept in the same bed and never got the flu!"

by lladrgroup

I've been listening to Quantum Mind Power since early January. I really like all of the recordings. The one I like the most is the Subliminal Health Support recording. Whenever I feel my body fighting off something, I listen to this recording and almost immediately feel better.

About a month ago, my wife had a horrible flu for three days. She could hardly get out of bed during those three days. I slept in the same bed and never got the flu! In the past, she would have easily passed it on to me. This is definitely worth the price of the program right there.


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"I did more work in those for 4 hours than I normally did in three work days"

by Zed

Hello Morry, My name is Mark and I purchased your program several months ago. I honestly can't even begin to tell you the changes it has made in my life.

Due to the constant stresses of my finances, work and the world in general, I found myself in a constant state of mild depression over the last couple of years. I have used meditation as an antidepressant for years and believe that is what helped me keep my depression from advancing to anything more serious. As of late I had been finding it difficult to calm my mind and enter an Alpha state. As a result of not being able to meditate effectively I felt the depression become more severe and I could also feel what was almost like a thick brain fog setting in.

My short term memory seemed almost non existent. I had to write everything down on paper to help me remember important things. Every decision I made seemed like the worst one ever. I started to lose interest in work and even fun activities like golf which I love. I had to force myself to do the minimum to just get by. If I needed to read something important, I had to read it over and over again to understand it. I was afraid that if I did not do something soon that I would loose what little control I had left and that the depression would totally take over.

I started doing some research on the net and came across brain entrainment technology. It sounded like it could help and with a lot less effort than meditation. There were many programs to choose from and I was not sure which program I wanted to use. While researching my options I found your sample recording. I down loaded it into my MP3 and set it to play continuously. I began listening to it that day and probably listened to it 12 times. I woke up the next morning, put on my MP3 player and went about my day. At about 9 AM in my home office I made a "to do" list (which I never do) of about 12 items that I needed to take care of , and I also read and returned about 30 emails. After what I thought was about an hour I looked up from my laptop and realized it was 1 PM and I only had 2 items left on my to do list. I sat back in my chair stunned and realized that I worked 4 continuous hours. Not only that, but I did more work in those for 4 hours than I normally did in three work days in the depressed state of mind I was in. At that moment I went to your site and ordered the Quantum Mind Power system. Once I down loaded the system, I added it as a play list on my MP3 player and began to listen immediately.

The results after the first couple of weeks have been nothing short of miraculous. My depression and brain fog are gone. My reading speed and comprehension have at least tripled. I love reading while listening to Neural Synergy. My memory is back and its sharper than it has ever been. My perception of people and the world around me has expanded in ways I really can’t explain. It sounds really corny, but I feel like I'm looking at the world with a new set of eyes. I know it sounds unbelievable, but it is all 100 present true.

Morry, thank you so much for creating QMP and you for making it affordable.

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"my palpations have just about completely disappeared

by oliverclear

I have been doing the Quantum Mind Power brainwave entrainment and I’m noticing a lot of changes, but the biggest so far is that my palpations have just about completely disappeared.

I have suffered with them for years, I can get a palpation just by changing gear at a traffic light, and anything will set them off whether it’s something to be happy about or worried about I’ll get them.

But since I started using Quantum Mind Power , I’ve noticed a big improvement, I have listened to a lot of tapes about relaxation but I’ve had to stop because the more I tried to relax the worse the palpations got, now I’m listening to emotive and Whole brain and for once I can relax, I also listen to neural and Eden energy wave and the subliminal recordings every day, and I feel much more positive and calmer and I hope it will continue.

I’m hoping it will help me with a couple of other life long issues; I’ll let you know how I get on.

"Since then I have not faced sinusitis, sneezing,headaches etc till date...not even once"

"I attracted money to the tune of $2250 ( converted to my currency it is a big amount) within a 3-4 days"

by shrees

Hi all,

:) I bought Quantum Mind Power on July 13th and have been listening to Neural Synergy everday. Of course there have been few days (2 -3) when I listened to Eden Energy waves.

This is my experience :


I have had sinus problem for the past many years and I used to get into bouts of sneezing (on a daily basis) especially in the mornings. When there was no sneezing it was replaced by a headache. Believe me, the very first time I plugged Neural Synergy on to my ears, I felt a distinct release inside my nasal cavities....as if some block was removed. Since then I have not faced sinusitis, sneezing,headaches etc till date...not even once.

I sleep less and am more active. My weight is moving towards my ideals as I have stopped overeating.

I also find I have started to clear all the old muck around the house (this I considered burdensome earlier and would just postpone the idea of cleaning) with lot of ease, speed and happiness.

Thanks Morry :D


Soon after starting with neural synergy, I found a nice money spell online. Something very easy and so I started with that. This gave me immense happiness and led me further to the prosperity game ( which I had never heard of before). I then started playing this game ( still do so each day). I then attracted money to the tune of $2250 ( converted to my currency it is a big amount) within a 3-4 days.

I am more positive about finances. I am sure the negative voice inside is slowing disappearing.

I have also gone ahead and closed accounts which I am not using and where some funds of mine were just lying blocked. This for me is a clearing process. As you clear unwanted things there is more space for the positive to occupy.

Big Thanks to Morry for all this.

I deliberated for almost a week before buying Quantum Mind Power, but am VERY GLAD I bought it finally. There is a great mental shift within me.


Best wishes


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"Since the first day of listening to Quantum Mind Power I have had not one allergy episode to my cat"

"I also found that I am no longer allergic to non-precious metals"

by QuantumCat

Alergy to Cat Cured with QMP
Since the first day of listening to QMP I have had not one allergy episode to my cat.

I have been allergic to my cat for 7 years since she was blessed into my life. I did not know I was allergic to her, I thought it was dust or something.

I have coughed, mostly at night, non-stop, needless to say not very good sleep, with itchy eyes and blowing my nose constantly. So I eventually went to my Dr. and he said I was allergic to my cat and gave me allergy meds which did not work, so I just put up with it cuz I love her so much.

Again, since the first day of listening to QMP, NO ALLERGY episodes AT ALL!! And I sleep so deeply and soundly with a smile on my face :D , my cat can sleep too now without all that "allergy noise" I think she is smiling too :P

I would have shared this earlier, but I wanted to see if it would last, and it has so far.

Alergy to Costume Jewlery Cured with QMP
I also found that I am no longer allergic to non-precious metals. I can only wear gold or silver. I am now able to where cute costume jewelry. The Hypo-allergenic jewelry has never worked for me. It must be gold or silver.

I have a pair of earrings that I KNOW I cannot wear for more than 1 hour without severe itching and redness, etc. I wore them this last week-end and forgot I had them on all day (they didn't bother me) and still forgot about them later on I that evening and I even accidentally SLEPT with them on!!!

In the morning, it was as if I was wearing my regular gold or silver earings. NO ALERGIC REACTION!

Before QMP my ear lobes would have been a red oozing mess. :shock:

A Millioin Thanks MORRY! :D

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Subscribers Only Special Offer

We have made a special arrangement for you as a loyal subscriber. When you invest on Quantum Mind Power with The Morry Method System(Download Version) TODAY, you will receive the following exclusive bonus package FREE.

SUPER BONUS #1: "Good Night, Sleep Well..." (A $97 Value)

This recording is designed to help bring on sleep by quieting the mental "noise" that can adversely affect your quality of sleep. Think calming thoughts, or nothing, while you drift off listening to these specially designed tones that lead you gently into a healthful and restful sleep state.

This recording actually guides you into your sleep cycle, helping to give you a head start on a restful and rejuvenating nights sleep.

SUPER BONUS #2: "Schumann Resonance Meditation" Recording (A $97 Value)

7.83hz. is the Schumann Resonance, or the frequency that electro-magnetic waves travel through the earth's ionosphere. Its’ been given credit for stimulating the release of growth and sex hormones (N. Shealy).

More spiritual and psychic experiences have been reported using this frequency than any other.

SUPER BONUS #3: Morry Zelcovitch's interview with Dr. Doris Helge (A $47 Value)

In this 20mins interview, you're going to learn from this wise man why your natural state is a bliss and how to tell that you're in a natural state. And what brainwave entrainment has to do with inducing your natural state of being that is open to abundance. And many more wise tips to make your life easier and make you happier.

SUPER BONUS #4:The Koi Carp Lake with TMM guided meditation (A $97 Value)

The most powerful and effective meditation that has ever been discovered to communicate with your subconscious mind and find solutions to every one of your problem.

The recording is enhanced by using The Morry Method brainwave entrainment technology, and Morry will guide you through this 30mins meditation which allows you consciously tap into the power of your marvelous subconscious mind.

This recording will be sold as a stand alone product, you get it for FREE through this offer.

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Imagine receiving private consultation anytime from anywhere in the world for FULL 30 Days from the world top brainwave entrainment and self help expert Morry Zelcovitch himself, what can that do for you?

Whenever you have any questions either about the Quantum Mind Power system itself or any other challenges you face in your life, simply pick up your p(one, or send in an email, Morry will be there for you.

Morry would normally charge $1,000 per hr for private consultation, but you can have UNLIMITED access to him for FULL 30 Days!

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Whatever they would charge you, it wouldn’t be less than what you can get Quantum Mind Power with The Morry Method™ System for today!

Could you walk away from this webpage and achieve success on your own?

Yes. You don’t need this program to achieve success.

You could click away, go study brainwave entrainment from the known world authority—just like Morry Zelcovitch did. You could try to engineer your own programs, buy all the studio quality recording equipment necessary in order to produce the same high quality recordings you’ll find in the Quantum Mind Power with The Morry Method™ System.

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You’d be hiring Morry Zelcovitch—a professionally trained and credentialed brainwave entrainment engineer to…

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What's The Bottom Line?

Here’s a fact:

You’re not going to find any other program like this around. The credentialed brainwave entrainment alone is worth many times the cost of this program.

But that’s not all you get. There’s over $2,527 in FREE bonuses you get for ordering toady. What’s this going to cost you? Get this—it’s only $497 $297 $197.

That’s it.

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You’ll finally…

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